DebugView++: a Windows Debug Message Viewer

DebugView++ is a free viewer for Windows OutputDebugString() based logging in the style of Sysinternals DebugView.



  • Tabbed views
  • In memory compression for efficient memory use
  • Process name column
  • Double click or drag highlights selected text
  • Single self-contained executable, setup is provided but not required
  • Runs without prerequisites on WinXP SP3, Vista and 7/8.x
  • Captures both Win32 and Global Win32 messages
  • ECMAScript regex based message filters
  • Filter based on process or message
  • Line and Token highlighting (create your own syntax highlighting)
  • Minimal impact on the traced application, compared to debugview a factor of 10 better.
  • Fast and responsive user-interface, even with +50.000 incoming lines per second
  • Incremental search token highlighting
  • Bookmarks
  • Statusbar shows detailed log/view/selection information
  • Open saved logs for post-mortum analysis


Open Load a log file in DebugView++. The log file contents replace the current log data and live logging is stopped. Log filters can be used to inspect the log file.

SaveSave the full log data to file.

CopyCopy the selected log data to the clipboard.

ClearClear the active view contents. The log data remains in memory for the other views.

ScrollToggle auto scrolling when new messages arrive.

ClockToggle log time stamps between run time or clock time.

FontChoose the font for all views.

FilterConfigure the log filters for the active view.

LinkToggle View Linking. When set, the focus in a new view is synchronised with the focus in the previous view.

BookmarkToggle bookmark.

Previous BookmarkMove to previous bookmark.

Next BookmarkMove to next bookmark.

Clear BookmarksRemove all bookmarks.

PausePause logging.


DebugView++ runs on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP and later. The installer installs DebugView++ in the Start menu. The zip file download contains just the executable that you can copy and run anywhere.

Win32 zip file download: (631 kB)

Win32 installer download: DebugView++-win32-1.2.msi (741 kB)


Gert-Jan de Vos and Jan Wilmans


13 thoughts on “DebugView++: a Windows Debug Message Viewer

  1. Mike

    OS: windows7 Enterprise 64bit, Service Pack 1

    When starting the app, a message is displayed:
    Another DebugView is running
    After clicking the OK button, the debugview window does not appear to be showing any debug messages. No other debugview instances are running.

    1. boosttestui Post author

      The Windows OutputDebugString() API supports just a single log client. If a log client is already active, DebugView++ will start in paused mode with this message to remind you why it is not showing any output.

  2. Diego

    Impressed on how fast it is! Wondering if there is a way to specify the maximum number of output lines? Just to limit the amount of memory used.


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